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"To the world you might be one person, but to one person, you just might be The World"
(The best antiques are old friends)
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Past Reunions
Created:  2014.11.24
Someone at the actual event asked if we could provide information, memories, pictures, etc. regarding our Past Reunions.   I finally got "A Round Tuit" today.   Here is the plan.   I will start building a form below.  Anyone who wants to email me info, I will add it to this page.   It will probably start out with "bits and pieces", and get better as time goes on.   Most of the startup info you see came from Harold Rider, and what little I can remember.  Here goes!  So far, I only have pictures for the 45th.
9th Reunion
According to Shelia Ochiltree this was our "9th" reunion, as we participated with two other classes ahead of us.   The one in the middle was actually having their "10th".  It was held at the Clinton Country Club.  All I remember (& wish I could not) was the fact that I had a "little too much" and Leslie walked off the floor when I did my infamous "chicken dance".   Everybody cleared the floor and made a circle egging me on.   They had me convinced I was good.  CRINGE!  Skippy Brinkman was the biggest instigator.  I am just glad we did not take videos.   PICTURES ANYONE?   I will post them.
25th Reunion?
Harold Rider says "20th" & Shelia Ochiltree says "25th".   She's cuter so I am going with that unless corrected.   This was held at the Alexander Inn for the main event.  A 1st day get-together was at the Soup Kitchen in Knoxville.   We all appeared to dress more formally in those days for the main event.   Judy Grizzell and I hashed over the "good 'ole days" riding in my Buick.   Best car I ever had.    PICTURES ANYONE?
30th Reunion
This was held at the Double Tree Inn. The 2nd day activity was at Carbide Park.  I know we took videos of that one as I interview Chuck Ochiltree for the camera and we learned about his recent trip to the moon.....no rocket needed!   I was also giving Jean Schiffman (Rapp) a hard time, when she shut me up in a hurry by reminding me, AND Leslie, about the beautiful poetry I wrote her back then!  Me?  Poetry?  I backed off for sure when she told me she still had them!   Now I can't run for Congress.   Chuck & Shelia were debating as to whether or not we had a "35th" also.  Hmmm?
42nd Reunion
Obviously we missed the 40th somehow.  It was held at the Den.   Apparently I was there but don't have a good recollection of the activities.
45th Reunion
This event was held at the Den in 2005.    I have given a link here for 155 pictures taken there by various people and merged into one file.   Look any younger then?
45th Pictures
50th Reunion (June 2010)
It was a blast.  We met at the Den on Friday night, and saw a historical presentation on Oak Ridge by the famous photographer Mr. Westcott.  Saturday afternoon many of us toured the Oak Ridge High School.   Saturday night dinner & Sunday lunch were at the Flatwater Grill on Melton Hill Lake (old River Road).   This web site was originally created for that big event.  Much of the info for that event is still on this site.   Some editing has been done for the current "70th Birthday" mini reunion planned for 2012.
70th Birthday Reunion (Oct 2012)
Approximately 78 classmates/spouses/kids/grandkids/relatives and others invited attended either/or/both the Friday night ball game and Saturday Luncheon at the Elks' Club.   Friday night included a tailgate party, chit-chat at the Soup Kitchen, and delicious Birthday Cake.   Saturday's noon-3pm luncheon included individuals standing up and telling "stories" that were inspiring, funny, and memorable.   All had a good time.