Next Reunion:  75th birthday, Date 06-07 Oct 2017
"To the world you might be one person, but to one person, you just might be The World"
(The best antiques are old friends)
There are many "fancy" web pages available these days that allow our Classmates to communicate with each other, upload biographies, upload pictures, etc.   This will be the best way for people to coordinate their attendance/travel plans, as our "official" page is simply for the basic information you will need to know.                         The link to our Facebook Site is at the bottom of this page. 
On that page, there will be a link to return to our "official" site here.   You will need to sign up with Facebook to participate.   It does not cost anything. 

And, when you go there the first time, you will have to "ask permission" to be a member of the group.    You simply click on the link to join.   It will send a "request" to us.   If we recognize you as an ORHS classmate, any member can confirm it and you're good to go.   The purpose of this is to keep others from putting comments on "our" site that we might not want, so our Facebook site is "classmates only".  It's OK to let "classmates" from another year onto our site also, as long as you recognize them.

Make it easy for us to recognize you by adding some personal info and listing your 1960 name, new name (if any), phones, emails, etc.  And, if your son or daughter (etc.) is using THEIR info to get you on, PLEASE have them identify themselves so we know they belong to you, so we will let them in!

Link to the ORHS 1960 Facebook Page