Oak Ridge High School 1960 "75th" Birthday Reunion Classmate Listing
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UPDATED:   2017-08-27  The old "deceased" and "lost" pages have been combined with this Classmate listing.   See notes below for designations.
                                                     SORTED BY LAST NAME WHEN IN HIGH SCHOOL
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Notes about the Status Column:  Besides the obvious designations, the following formats are related to the Committee's inability to make contact with some classmates.  Any help on these listing would be much appreciated.
address/email We might have a phone number, but no address or email, so we can't alert our classmates as trying to call them is too time consuming.   If anyone has info on these people, please let the committee know.  

no info  We have no information at all on these people.  Please let us know if you do have info. 
deceased classmates  We have no way of knowing if our count is correct.  Help us if you can.
For privacy reasons, we are listing only names and "status'.  If you wish to contact someone, and you can't do it through the Facebook link, or email Nancy Craven (Fears) or Robert Humphries.  We will ask the person to contact you, or get permission to give out their information.
First Name Last Name Status
Sandra Kay Abston (Perry)
Jerome Allen (Jerry) Africk
William Edward (Eddie) Alexander
Eleanor Louise Allison (Clements)
Robert Hoyal Alred
deceased (before graduation)
Jerry Duane Anderson died 1996
Goldie Mae Anderson (Kennedy)
Margaret Mills (Peggy) Anderson (Mitchell)
James Samuel Arrington died 2008
Garrett Bruce Asher No mailing address
Samuel Earl Asher died 1970
Arthur Charles Asmanes
Carole Ann Bailey (Foust)
Jeanine Bair (Helmstetter) died 2008
Carolyn Baird died 2016
William Thomas (Tommy) Baker, Jr.
Sue Ellen Ballew (Eubanks) address/email
Gordon Winfield Barnard deceased
Leslie Anne Barnes address/email
Betty Gay Barnett (Graham)
Ralph George Beckett died 1999
Richard Bernard Belew address/email
James Mac Benefield
Carl Venus Bennett, Jr. deceased
Donald Hugh Binkley
George Wesley Bishop died 2005
Marie-Claude Bitschin no info
Robert Lee Blackwell
Ramona Sue Blevins (Quayles)
Robert Lewis Boggs
Adele Bonham (Brown)
Linda Mary Borkowski (Edwards)
Jay Bowles deceased
Sandra Jean Boyd died 1987
Nancy Carol Bradley (Smart) no info
Jerrie Marie Brady (Williams)
Anne Vivian Brazda no info
Elizabeth Ann Breeding (Huang)
Stephen Landy (Steve) Breman
William Henry (Bucky) Brewer
Myra Frances Brewer (Russell)
Mary Lee Brock (Hird)
George Ralph Brosi
Judith Deanne Brown (Whitson)
Paul Edward Brown, Jr.
Donna Earle Bryant (Welcom)
Joyce Lynn Bullins (Deering)
Barry Lynn Bundrant
Alva Gray (Skeet) Burris, Jr.
Tommye Sue Byrd (Murphy) died 2009
James Allan Cabe
Anne Morton Caldwell died 2010
Trunetta Carolyn Caldwell (Cantrell)
Karen Sue Calvert (Baker)
Douglas Arthur Campbell
Gordon Thomas Campbell died 1999
Jimmy Sue Cantrell (Trombee)
Mary Juanita Cantrell (Underwood)
Robert Lee Carlton died 1968
Roma Haynes Carmichael died 2004
Harry Hudson Carper
Robert Elwood (Bobby) Cassell, Jr.
William Benjamin (Bill) Chambley, Jr. died 2014
Linda Jeanne Cherry (Montgomery)
James Edwin Childs, Jr. died 2006
John Edward Chludzinski
Mary Sue (Susie) Christian (Leach)
Lynda Kaye Clark (Aquirre)
Tonie Sandra
Clayton (Thornton)
Janet Marie Clifton (Mason) died 2006
Jackie Ray Clowers
John Grover Coffey
Eugene Thomas (Tom) Collins
Judy Collins (Kesterson)
Shirley Diane Collins (Stallo) deceased
Nora Lee Conover (Pitzer) no info
David L. Cook
Carl Louise Cooper no info
Karen Adair Cooper (Mills) died 2002
Erwin Lemar Coots
Karen Marie Coots (Bradley)
Joyce Faye Copeland (Brewer)
Alvis David Corum
Diane Melvie Corum (Burgess) address/email
Elvenia Corum-Mitchell
Roy Garnett Craig deceased
Nancy Jane Craven (Fears) 75th Birthday Committee
Shelia Jane Crawford No mailing address
William Howard Creasman died 1975
Elmer Donald (Don) Creekmore
Charles Lewis Crowder, Jr.
Norman Dennis Davis
Mary Katherine Davis (Gifford) No mailing address
Edward Knox (Eddie) DeLong found! Australia
Martha Arlene Dick (Worrell)
Charlene Dixon deceased
Charles Curtis Dollins
Stephen Kemp Doyle
Kyle Duncan
Thomas Robert (Tommy) Dykes died 2017
Norman Eads
Joyce Faye Edwards (Gearhiser) died 2009
Joyce Ann Elkins (Johnson) died 2008
Juliet (Judy) Ellis (Crumrine)
Mark Elson died 1974
Karl Martin Elza died 1971
Susan Ellen Emlet (Crandell)
Mary Christine Emmert no info
Samuel David (Sam) Enochs
William Llewellyn (Bill) Eppes
Sandra Kay Erickson (Pargman)
Fred Clayton Farley
George Franklin (Nick) Fielder, Jr.
Edwin Decker (Ned) Flack
Paul Eugene Foltz
Ralph Darwin Frey, Jr. address/email
Sandra Fritts (Taylor)
James Davis Fultz, Jr. address/email
Charlotte Adair Gaither (Turner)
William Edward Gilbert no info
Elizabeth Ann Gillespie deceased
Carolyn Gilley (Maples)
Gary Warren Gramly died 1980
Emily Sue Graves (McCullough) 75th Birthday Committee
Boyd Lynn Green died 1991
Brenda Ann Greene (Newton)
Joan Marie Greene (Patterson)
Ruth Alane Gretsky (Mills) No mailing address
David Griffies 75th Birthday Committee
Julia Pope (Judy) Grizzell (McGuffin)
David Allen Grove died 2007
Phillip Dewayne Grubb
Patsy Joe Gullett (Rezentes)
Jacque Lyn Gullette no info
Henry Clifford Hale
Myra Elizabeth Hale no info
Rebecca Jo Halsey (Kennedy)
Judith Gail Hamric (Wyatt)
Fred Wallace Hancock died 2015
Royce Carman Haney
LaDonna Diane Hanks (Barnett)
Linda Ann Hardin no info
Teddy Leon Hatcher died 2011
Eugene (Gene) Hawkins
Loretta Lee Hawkins (Miller)
James Howard  (Jimmy) Hedden
Robert Wayne Heiskell deceased
James Harrel Henry deceased
Constance Marie Hill (Walker)
Perrko Anneli Hirvonen no info
Warren Leroy Holcomb
Charles McGhee II (Buddy) Holley
Tom Edgar Holt
Jane Carol Howard (Hunter) address/email
Tommy Howell address/email
Virginia Louise Howell no info
Barry Norton Huffman deceased
Barbara Ann Hull (Prewett)
Mary Lou Hull (Wadley)
Jobe Thomas Hummel, Jr. died 1995
Robert Glenn Humphries 75th Birthday Committee
Willard Dean Humphrys died 2008
Sally Frances Hurley no info
Vivian Elva Hurt (Morris)
Sybil Hutchins (Hastings)
Nancy Helen Irwin (Beck)
James Andrew Jarvis No mailing address
Patricia Ann Jarvis (Goins)
Donna Marie Jeanseau died 1987
Betty Lou Jeffers (Cook)
Glendora Jenkins (Clapp)
Gloria Jean Jessee (Burrell) deceased
Charles Colvin (Johnny) Johnson
Connie Kathryn Johnson (Bilbrey)
George Edward (Eddy) Jones deceased
Ann Larue Jones (Hartman)
Ann Caroline Jordan address/email
Virginia Ann Keim (Hayes)
Stanley Joseph Keith
Roger Clifton Kelly
Carl William Kennedy
Steve Howard Kerns died 2007
Glenda Keys (Moore)
Kathleen Faye Kidd deceased
Donna Gail Killion (Ware) address/email
Van Burean Kilpatrick
Isabel Jepson (Gypsy) Kimball (Richardson)
Willie Frank Kirk died 2006
Donald Oden Kirtland no info
Joseph Thomas (Tommy) Kitchings III
Don Robert Knight
Charles Theodore Knoch deceased
Danny Falls Koffman
Larry Roger Kristich no  info
Jerry Kuhaida died 2016
William Donald Kunkel
Priscilla Jean Kyte (Bardorf)
Stephen Arthur (Steve) Lane
John Cobb Lauderdale
Linda Bonita Lawler (Viel) address/email
Charles Marion III Laycock died 2015
Rena Jo Ledford (Karr)
Harriette Kay Ledgerwood (Dearing)
Jerry William Lemarr
Fred William (Bill) Leon
Robert Douglas (Doug) Little
Wilson Gary Litton died 1998
Judy Carolyn Livesay (Lusk)
Mary Frances Loving (Driscoll)
Thomas Anderson Lutts died 1985
Lynda Susan Lyons (Huray)
Janet Lynn (Candy) MacPherson (O'Donel-Browne)
Bobby Dwight Madewell
Edgar (Eddie) Maeyens, Jr. Found!
Michael Fall (Mike) Mahoney
Joanne Mahoney (Rock)
Viola Faye Malone no info
Shelia Jane Manning (Ochiltree)
Robert Donald (Don) Mantooth
Douglas McArthur (Doug) Martin
Richard Austin (Dick) Martin
Karen Sue Martin (McCall)
Pamela Mascia (McLaughlin) died 2009
Fred Junior Mason
Larry Geise Mason
James Howard Maupin
James Terrel (Jimmy) McCall
Paul Dylene McCaskill deceased
Jesse Randel McCormick
Larry Dale McCullough
Homer Lynn McFarland
Willard Gerald McFarland died 2004
Marian Nell McGill (Smith)
Bobbie Jean McLemore (Freemen)
Martha McLeod no info
Sherry Dawn McNabb no info
Patricia Ann McNabb (Berkenstock)
Nancy Glenna McNeill deceased
Julia Paulette McRee (Stockstill)
Henry Albert McWade deceased
Lessie Atwood McWhorter (Drabek)
Helen Sue Meadows (Rupf) address/email
William Howard Meeks address/email
Carole Anne Michaels
Shirley Ann Miller (Scaff)
Larry Miracle died 2013
Amy Penny Mislove no info
Emmett Leslie (Mike) Moore died 2005
Patricia Louise Moore (Haselton) died 2003
Murray William Moore, Jr.
Wayne Henry Morris
Donna Jean Morris (Hicks)
John Marshall Morrison
William Sullivan (Bill) Mount
Ron Austin Muenzer died 2005
Celia Margaret Murphy
Glenn DeWitt Napier no info
Emily Jane Neal (Howell) died 2000
Christine Margaret Nelson no info
Ralph Leon Newton
Lawrence Melvin (Larry) Nobles died 2014
Sharon Lawson Norman (Berry)
Charles Walter (Chuck) Ochiltree
Robert Lewis Oden
Shirley Ann Oldaker (Drummond) died 2004
Betty Dandridge Orrick (Sapp) died 2006
Joyce Ann Oxford (Jackson)
Dorothy Lou Pack (Fielder)
Leland Floyd Panter
William Ensley Parham, Jr. no info
Phillip Earl Parrett
Lynda Pastor no info
William Alexander (Bill) Pate
Martha Loretta Patterson
Michael David Pelan
Randall Douglas (Randy) Peters
Katherine Diane (Kay) Peterson (Dege)
Julia Ann Peterson (Moody)
Thomas Morris (Tommy) Phillips
Carolyn Sue Pierce (Seagle)
Donald Elbert Pinegar
Patricia Mae (Pat) Pintur (Jessee)
Mary Emily Pipes (Bleiler)
Donna Geraldine Pogue (Zambo)
William Edward (Bill) Porter deceased
William Sterling (Steve) Porter address/email
Charlotte Ann Porter (Houseman)
Precise (Habenschuss)

Mary Lankford Pruden (Armstrong)
Jolene Pugh (Haynes)
Jean Carol Ragsdale deceased
William Gresham Rampley died 1995
Karl Edwin Rapp III deceased
deceased (not in 1960 annual)
Gail Terrissa Reinhardt (Stuart)
Charles Randal Renfro died 1999
Harry Douglas Renner died 1999
Sandra Linnea Rennich (Edwards)
Ronnie Jack Rhea
Mary Nell Rice (Dornan)
Rebecca (Becky) Josephine Rickman (Johnson)
Harold Emmett Rider died 2017
Patricia Rea Rinehart (Corsey)
Anne Ritter (Vendetta) address/email
Mary Agnes Robinson no info
James Richard (Jimmy) Rose
Altha Lucille Rumph no info
Doris Ann Rutherford no info
Patricia Nell Rutherford deceased
Sandra Nell Rutherford (Elkins)
Roy Putnam Savage
Jean Carol Schiffman (Rapp)
Harry Melvin (Mel) Schill
Ingeborg Sophie Schmitz (Williams) No mailing address
Klaus-Wilhelm Schulze
Shirley Lee Scott (Becher)
Patricia Carol (Patty) Seals (Osborne)
Mary Jo Shannon no info
Jerry Lynn Sharp
Nollie Helen Sharp (Jenne) died 2015
Hugh Billy Shotts no info
Gloria Jean Simmons (Greenawalt)
Patricia Adrienne Sinclair (Levering)
Mary Lynn Skinner  (Bayliss)
Charles Wayne Slover
Janet Susan (Sue) Smedley
Ellis Vernon Smith
George Wesley Smith
Robin Elizabeth Smith (Chapman)
Joyce Ann Smith (Quick)
Dwight Carolyn Smith (Roberts)
Linda Jeanne Snowden (Forrester)
Daniel Earl (Dan) Spector
Barbara Jean Spencer (Mitchell)
Margaret Elizabeth Spencer (Mosher)
Lonnie Spillers deceased
Lewallen David Stansberry
Patricia Ann Stephens (Duke) deceased
William Asher (Billy) Stephenon
Eward Lewis Steward
Lynda Kaye Stokes (Comly)
Kenneth Worth Stone no info
Lynn Ed Story
Joy Stout
James Albert Strauchman
Dewey Bradford Strickland died 2015
Bette Jane Stubbs (Gorman)
William Grant (Bill) Sullivan
William Summar, Jr.
Barbara Ellen Summer (Green)
Joe Summerville no info
Allan Vincent (Vin) Swasey, Jr.
Larry Dean Sweeden
Donald Ray Taylor
Norman Allan Teasley
Richard Franklin Thomas
William Earl Thomas died 1994
Alicia Helen Thomas (Dykes)
Harriette Lynne Thomas (Hastings)
Gerald Francis Thompson died 2002
James Hubert Thompson died 2002
Sharon Kay Thompson (Kohler)
Ann Carolyn Thurmond (Gehron)
Evelyn Tittsworth (Richert)
Donald Wayne Toon died 2003
Benny Sherman Towns
Sara Frances Underwood (Hughes)
Jerrold Howard Wagner
William Spence Wallace, Jr.
Donald Ray Walton
Gerry Lynne Watson address/email
Nancy Gail Watson (Cooper)
Carol Ann Watson (Cummings)
Annette Watson (Peacock)
Kurt Alan Watts died 2017
Robert William Wells no info
Demetria (Tiny) Wenzler (Herring) deceased 2017
James Ronald West
Douglas Ray (Doug) Whitaker
Peggy Ann White
Linda Maureen White (Graves)
Patricia Uvon Whited (Schill) 75th Birthday Committee
Harold Archie Whitson
Janet Lee Whittaker (Nichols) deceased
Wiggers (Robinson)
Majorie June Wilburn (Seyfried)
Norma Royale Wilder (Benavides)
Thomas Marshall Wilkes, Jr. deceased
Ann Hyde Wilkinson (Slautterback)
James Nehemiah Williams no info
Patricia Ann Williams
Martha Elizabeth (Libby) Williams (Simmons)

Brenda Carolyn Wininger (Miller)
Eleanor Kaye Winslett (Wheeler)
John Jerome Wollan
Lee Arthur Wood
Joan Elizabeth Wood (Worthington)
Melissa Barclay Woodbridge deceased
John Larry Woody
Elizabeth Carol Woody (Petty) died 2004
Betty Jean Wooten (Davis)
Hall Vincent Worthington
James Allan Wyatt
Pryntha Wyatt (Akin)