Next Reunion:  75th Birthday, Date 06-07 Oct 2017
"To the world you might be one person, but to one person, you just might be The World"
(The best antiques are old friends)
  75th Birthday Reunion Site
St. Mary's Church, 327 Vermont Avenue, Oak Ridge, TN  37830
Here is the description of the info that follows:
  1. Google Road Map showing the Church just off the Oak Ridge Turnpike, between Rutgers & Viking Roads.
  2. Facilities Layout of St. Mary's.   The Reunion will be held in the Family Life Center on the far left side (East) of theLayout. 
  3. I have added some motels with info at the very bottom of this page.  Perhaps the Committee will get some special rates that we can post later.   Other info may be added here as suggestions arise.  Stay tuned!

As you can see, the Vermont Ave. approach to the Church is accessed by either Viking Rd. & S.Rutgers Ave. by making turn off the Turnpike going in the north west direction as you leave the Turnpike.  There is no approach directly from the Turnpike.

You are looking south east in this layout of the facilities, opposite of the view on the Google Map   You can see the "Family Life Center" label at the upper left portion of the layout.  There is limited parking near the Life Center, so first come-first served regarding that.  There are wide spaces in front of the Church and near the Soccer Field accessed by going past the Ministry Center (Office).  The only service on Saturday starts at 5:30pm.  We should be out of there by 4:30pm after cleanup, so I see no problems.

The Life Center includes a stage for our leaders to speak to our class, and possibly a band will play for a short while that day.   The caterer will setup the buffet in the building called Columbus Hall, adjacent to the Family Life Center.

Motel Listings in Oak Ridge:
  1. Comfort Inn, 433 S. Rutgers Ave.                                   865.481.8200
  2. Doubletree (Hilton), 215 S. Illinois Ave.                          865.481.2468
  3. Quality Inn, 215 S. Rutgers Ave.                                    865.483.6809
  4. Hampton Inn, 208 S. Illinois Ave.                                   865.482.7889
  5. Holiday Inn Express & Suites, 114 Tulsa Rd.                  865.298.1990
  6. Staybridge Suites, 420 S. Illinois Ave.                             865.298.0050
Others will be added as the Committee makes suggestions.