1959-1960 Issues of the Oak Ridge High School Oak Leaf

Prepared for the 2010 50th Reunion & made available for the 2012 "70th Birthday" Mini Reunion.

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Vol 17, No 1: September 23, 1959
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Marshall Wilkes Returns From Summer in West Berlin
'59-'60 Student Council Organizes At Pot-Luck Supper
Go Get 'Em Again Wildcats
Speeded-up Classes Take Hold at ORHS
NROTC Exams Available
School Policy – Why?: Holly Hemphill
Bulletin – Class Officers

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Editorial: Best Year Ever?
Editorial: Pioneers?
Students Have Busy Vacations
Tap Root: Ed DeLong
Foreign Students Relate Impressions Of America
A Look At Our Seniors: Eddie Alexander and Libby Williams
Majorettes, Cheerleaders Attend Camps

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Mark's Remarks: Mark Elson
Wildcats Open Season with Victory Over Chattanooga City
Track Team Captures Most Trophies in Cases

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Perfect Student Described By New High School Teachers
13 Attend College Courses
Student Council Ravings: Virginia Keim
Nickel Cokes Brighten Annual Soph Party

Vol 17, No 2: October 7, 1959
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15 Top Seniors Qualify As Semifinalists For '60 National Merit Awards
Bundrant, Pickens, White Are New Class Presidents; Four Year Sweep by Grizzell
Junior Class Elects Key Committee
Five Students Visit Boys, Girls State
ORHS Welcomes German, Swiss AFSers for '59-'60 School Year
16 Chairmen Names By Student Council
School Policy – Why?: Holly Hemphill

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Editorial: Let's Do It Right
Tap Root: Ed DeLong
Concessioneers Are Unsung Money Makers
Wet Feet, Long Hours for OR Band Members
A Look At Our Seniors: LaDonna Hanks

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Mark's Remarks: Mark Elson
Wildcat Net Squad Begins Training
Cats Top East, 39-0; Johnson City, 13-6
Cross-Country Squad Lacks Coach, Members
Leaders Club Begins Activities
Girls' Swimming Meet “Real Cool Splash”

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Skinner, Mascia Play Leads In Masquers' New Production
First Semester Assemblies Include Wide Assortment
All-School Party To Be November 7
Student Council Ravings: Virginia Keim
Officer Elections Begin Clubs' Year

Vol 17, No 3: October 21, 1959
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Masquers Change Date for First Production
Superlative Election Results To Be Given
Junior Red Cross Begins Year's Work
Potluck Meal Held For New Students
Student Teachers Assist To Gain Class Experience
ACTP Exams To Be Given November 7
October 30 Is First Vacation For ORHS
Senior “Steerers” Elected, Oriented
School Policy – Why?: Holly Hemphill
UN Committee To Give Saturday Reception

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Editorial: Campus Beautiful
Editorial: Old Hash
Lunch Line Is Blocked By Barriers
Language Laboratories Bring Varied Comments
Students Give Odd Reactions To Squash Heels
Tap Root: Ed DeLong
A Look At Our Seniors: Jerry Sharp

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Sixth Rated Wildcats Win Over McMinn County, Erwin
Larry Mason Is Outstanding In Many Ways
Mark's Remarks: Mark Elson
Girls' Tennis Club Begins '59 Season With New Sponsor

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Clubs Organize; Begin Season's Activities
“Spain Was Exquisite” Reports Norma Wilder
Dollins Wins Naval Cruise On Carrier
Photographer Wins Kodak Photo Award
CMA Honors ORHS Junior
Student Council Ravings: Virginia Keim

Vol 17, No 4: November 4, 1959
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Alexander, Williams Are Mr., Miss ORHS
Formal And Prom Dates Announced
ORHS Clubs Elect Officers, Plan Coming Year At Recent Meetings
Seniors Play “Mature Bums” On Scrounge Day
Various Acts Are Presented In Talent Show
'59 “Oak Log” Annual Rating Is Announced
School Policy – Why?: Holly Hemphill

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Masters Possess Power and Slaves For 7 Days
Boys Cheer, Girls Sneer: TWIRP Is Here
Editorial: Praise
Editorial: And More Praise
A Look At Our Seniors: Judy Grizzzell
Tap Root: Ed DeLong

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Cats Slide By MBA, Remain Undefeated
Bowlers Now Are Largest School Club
Football Profiles: David Grove, Robert Humphries, Eddie Jones
UP Awards Trophy to '58-'59 Champs
Eagles Are City Champs
Mark's Remarks: Mark Elson

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AEW Is Publicized on “Fury”
Rhythm-Aires Organize and Begin Rehersals
Showcase Exhibits Collected Abroad
Magazine Prints Librarian's Article
Phi Beta Kappa Inducts ORHS Grad
Debate Club Organizes, Makes Plans
Lockheed Fund Is Offering Scholarships
Student Council Ravings: Virginia Keim

Vol 17, No 5: November 18, 1959
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Six Juniors Chosen As AFS Finalists
Four High-Ranking Seniors Receive National Merit Test Commendations
Trophy Won By Juniors In Nov. 4 Talent Show
Students From ORHS Participate In Oak Ridge Symphony Orchestra
16th Nativity To Be Given On Dec. 10
Students Miss Three Classes; No Skipping!
New Club Begins: International Relations

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Pilgrim's Ghost Returns On Thanksgiving Jaunt
Pedagogues' Pesky Tests Pester All
Editorial: To The Children Of ORHS
Tap Root: Ed DeLong
A Look At Our Seniors: Barry Bundrant

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Pounders Nip Cats for 13-7 Victory
Wildcat Basketball Squad Readies For First Contest
Football Profiles: Doug Martin, James Wyatt
Mark's Remarks: Mark Elson

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Library To Sponsor SCF Clothing Drive
UT Is Host To 900 Senors for American College Tests
Visitors Watch Game, Tour School And Are “Impressed”
News Situation Deemed Serious By OR Editor
Formal Theme To Be Secret
Red Cross Is On The Job
Student Council Ravings: Virginia Keim

Vol 17, No 6: December 16, 1959
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NHS Initiated High Ranking Seniors
Students And Public See Annual Nativity
University Of Tennessee Offers Scholarships To Tennessee Seniors
Dance Club Practices New Numbers
Repair Work Is finances by $50,000
Sophomores To Conduct Key Sales From January To April
Geometry Students Create Polyhedrons For Christmas Tree
“Ice Gardens” Is Winter Formal Theme
School Policy – Why?: Holly Hemphill

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Diverse Changes Suggested by Dissatisfied Students
ORHS' Sportsmanship Acclaimed By Central
Book Buying Has School In Turmoil
Wanda Sends Christmas Wishes
Editorial: Learn For A Better Tomorrow
Tap Root: Ed DeLong

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Cats Drop First Five Games
... Betsy Inches Victory In Overtime
Cats Batter Flaget 18-13 In Final Game
Coleman And Mayes To Be '60 Captains
Football Profiles: Garret Asher, Jim McCall
Mark's Remarks: Mark Elson

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Leaf Editors Meet Russian Scientist
Scholarships Offered To Students By NFHS
Bridgit Appears At Supper Given By The French Club
Altrusa Club Honors Aynn As “Girl Of The Month”
ORHS Concert Band Holding Chair Tryouts
Student Council Ravings: Virginia Keim

Vol 17, No 7: January 27, 1960
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All Classes To Sell Friendship Keys; '60 Goal Will Be $2400
New Student Teachers Arrive At ORHS Hope For 'Great Experience'
Alcoa Clinic Heads Band Activities
Ira Green Will Coach Wildcats Rest Of Season
Seniors Choose Class Flower, Colors And Banquet Speakers
Sharon Thompson Is ORHS Homemaker Of Tomorrow
Rhythm-Aires Play For OREEA Banquet
School Policy – Why?: Holly Hemphill

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Editorial: Will We And Can They?
Editorial: Random Observations
Deepest Snow In City's History Complicate High School Life
Students Ignore End Of World
Suggestions To Cheaters Or Teachers
Tap Root: Ed DeLong

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Cats Squash Cyclones
Boys Condition In Gym While Girls Take Dancing
Wildcats Beat Clinton, Central LaFollette To Win Tourney Crown
Mark's Remarks: Mark Elson

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Students Demonstrate Orchestra Instruments
NBC-TV To Present Education Program
Girl Of The Month: Robin Smith
Jr. Red Cross Girls Aid In Blood Bank, Send Overseas Boxes
Conant Study Man Tours Junior Highs
Two More All School Parties will Be Held
Team Jackets Arrive
One Act Play To Be Given By Masquers
Student Council Ravings: Virginia Keim

Vol 17, No 8: February 17, 1960
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ORHS Band Sends 15 Members To East Tennessee Band Clinic At Alcoa, Is Largest Delegation
Senior Receives DAR Award For Citizenship
Practice Begins On Masquers' Second Major Play Of Season
Student council Convention Date Changed; ORHS To Attend
Future Teachers Honor Entire Faculty
Leaf Editors Hear Atomic Scientists
Another Talent Show To Be March 2; More Assemblies Planned
B'nai B'rith To Sponsor $25 Contest
Pan Hellenic Scholarship To Be Given To ORHS Girl
Red Cross Collects 48 boxes

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Editorial: For Brotherhood Week
Editorial: Press Seminar
Sophomore Lays Basis For Future
'Heart Beat' Is Theme Of All-School Dance
Flu, Mumps Are But Few Of Maladies
A Look At Our Seniors: Charlotte Porter, Mike Pelan
Tap Root: Ed DeLong

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Wildcats Down Lake City Lakers Putting Win-Loss Record At 13-8
Wildcat Track Team Working Out with Three Returning Lettermen
Next Year's Players Start Spring Practice
Wildkittens Sport 12 Victory Streak
Editorially Speaking: Gary Gramly
Mark's Remarks: Mark Elson

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Girl Of The Month: Virginia Keim
Faculty appoints Committee to Investigate Cheating Problem
Standard Schoolastic Achievement Test Form: Stanley Adamson
Debating Club To Attend Tourney
What's About To Occur?
Student Council Ravings: Virginia Keim
Quips and Quotes

Vol 17, No 9: March 11, 1960
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All Semi-Finalists In Merit Contest Become Finalists
Kasperek, Putman Head To '61 Oak Log
ORHS Band Presents Annual Winter Concert
Seniors Have Best Average In Six Years
School To Have New Subjects, 2-Hour Classes
100 Freshmen Scholarships Offered By UT
Mike Elza to Head Council Delegation
School Policy – Why?: Holly Hemphill

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Editorial: Increasingly Fairer Fair
Editorial: More Brotherhood
Confusion Reigns In Student Council Few Surmise
Love And birthdays Affected By Extra Day In Leap Year
15 Year Maid Sees No Change In Students
A Look At Our Seniors: Robert Wells, Lynn Skinner
Tap Root: Ed DeLong

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Oak Ridge Surprises LaFollette 65-52 To Win District 7 Crown
Squaw Valley Has First US Olympics Since 1938
Cats Win Over Lakers, Irish; Bow To 'Nooga
Mark's Remarks: Mark Elson

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11 Students Attend T&I Convention
'60 Oak Log to Arrive First Of May
Books Program To Be Given To PTA
Masquers Committees Chosen For New Play
Quips And Quotes
Oak Leaf Staff Will Attended Press Association Conference
Student Council Ravings: Virginia Keim

Vol 17, No 10: April 15, 1960
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ORHS Wins Second Place In SASF; DeLong Named Winner In Local Fair
Adamson Is Reserve Champ Of OR Schools
Record Number Of Entries Exhibited; 16 ORHS Students Get Recognition For Projects
Journalistic Honor Society Initiates Six New Members
Prize, High Rating Awarded To McNabb
Improvement Of Handbook Started
ORHS Teacher to Instruct Gym

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Nashville Is Site For State Music Convention; 26 Bandsmen Qualify
'Leaf Staff To Attend 'Nooga Press Conference
Scholastic Achievement Roll Passes In Student Council
ORHS Bandsmen Attend Annual Solo Festival
12 Girls, 12 Boys Are Prom King And Queen Candidates
Scholastic Society Initiates ORHS Graduate
Music Club Gives Plans, States Aims
'61 School Budget Proposes Increase Above Last Year
Problem In Cafeteria Acted On By Council
Both Students And Teachers Are Victims Of Sign Planters

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Editorial: Fools' Folly
Editorial: Make Up Days Missed?
A Look At Our Seniors: Peggy Anderson, Johnny Lauderdale
Annex Soon To Warm UP
Science Fair Contestants Are Plagued By Problems
Harbingers Of Spring Hatch Plots
ORCMA Appoints Mr. Scarbrough Concert Manager
Tap Root: Ed DeLong

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Cat Cindermen Defeat 'Nooga Dynamos; Cop 2nd In N-S Relays
Ben Martin Is Honored By Admirers At Dinner
Girls' Basketball Intramurals Have Championship Playoffs
Girls' Tennis Club Has New Sponsor
Cheerleader Election Date Set For May 4
School Policy – Why?: Holly Hemphill

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Cats Win First State Tournament Game
Wildcats Take Scrimmage Game From South Rockets
Tennis Team Beats Fulton In First Meet
Central Wins First Cat Baseball Game
Mark's Remarks: Mark Elson

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Klaus Reviews Recent Masquers Production
Latin Club Spreads Annual Roman Feast
Teacher Observation Day Is On FTA Activity Calendar
Student Council Ravings: Virginia Keim

Vol 17, No 11: May 6, 1960
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Coleman Is New Student Council President;
Hay Elected As Vice-President
Students Discontented With Library Situation
Staff For '60-'61 'Leaf Chosen; Scott Is Editor
Robin Smith Named Winner Of Scholarship
Math Students Attend Contest At UT April 29
Spring Concert By Band, Choir Will Be May 12
AFS Homes Needed
12 ORHS Students Visit Clinton To See County Government
French Club Hears Speakers At Dinner; Marie And Laffaire

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Editorial: Farwell To Arms
Usher Committee Tries To Keep Cafeteria Clean
Ed Delong: Tap Root
A Look At Our Seniors: George Brosi And Nancy Craven
Girls Ennui, Feet Plague Employees
Girls In Gym Classes Lead Tortured Lives

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'Cat Trackmen Triumph Over Johnson City East and Karns
Baseballers Drop Double Header To Clinton Dragons
Cat Netmen Defeat Maryville, Knox Fulton And Knox Catholic
Mark Elson: Mark's Remarks

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Vayhinger Resigns Post
OR Not Participating In 1960 Girl's State
Girls of the Month: Kaye Peterson
Virginia Keim: Student Council Ravings